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Furch Blue CM guitar is our most affordable solid-wood instrument. The soundboard is made from high-grade western red cedar, and the back and sides feature high-quality African mahogany. Open-Pore Finish leaves wood pores exposed, which preserves the natural acoustic properties of tonewoods. The combination of these high-quality solid tonewoods and finish produces a beautiful musical sound across the entire tonal range with slightly pronounced lows.

FURCH Akustikgitarre Blue Gc-CM SPE L.R.Baggs PU MC Master Choice

Artikelnummer: 0043348
    • FURCH MASTERS CHOICE MODELL Korpusform: Grand Auditorium mit Cutaway Decke: Zeder massiv Zargen/Boden: Mahagoni massiv Hals: Mahagoni Griffbrett/Steg: Ebenholz (Griffbrett m. Side-/Front-Dots) Griffbrettbreite am Sattel: 45 mm Korpusbinding: Artificial Tortoise Rosette: Double-Ring mit Walnuss-Inlay Endpins: Ebenholz Mechaniken: Furch Mechaniken, verchromt Pickguard: Artificial Tortoise mit transparenter Erweiterung Finish: Open-Pore inkl. LR Baggs SPE Stagepro Element (Zargenpreamp mit Tuner & Equilizer) CITES-FREI - Neues Modell ab ca. Ende April 2019 "Masters Choice" - Preisvorteil ggüber Standardmodell + PU
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