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More Practical. More Professional. More Powerful.

The STAGEPAS 1K mkII is an all-in-one portable PA system that allows you to quickly and easily transform any location into your stage, delivering professional-level audio performance with a simple setup that enables aspiring artists to focus on their music and get the most out of their performances. Adding an even higher sound pressure level and more flexible remote functionality than its predecessor, the second-generation STAGEPAS 1K mkII boasts the same combination of lightweight cabinet design, professional mixing functions, and simple operability, that has elevated the STAGEPAS all-in-one package above all other portable PAs. By adopting a concert-quality mixer and speaker, we have raised the bar for portable PA by utilizing Yamaha’s unique experience and know-how developed over decades of producing innovative, professional audio equipment from every stage of music engineering and production.

YAMAHA Stagepas 1K MK II Lautsprecheranlage, Neuheit

Artikelnummer: 45028
  • TAGEPAS 1K Mobiles PA-System

    Unverbindliche Preisempfehlung: 1.262,00 €


    1.000 Watt starke mobile Beschallungsanlage mit fünfkanaligem Digitalmischer, 12-Zoll-Subwoofer, 10 x 1,5-Zoll-Line-Array-Lautsprecher, Bluetooth-Eingang, SPX Digital-Reverbs, 1-knob EQ und Multibandkompressor für den Master-Ausgang.

    • 1.000 W Leistung (HF: 190 W + LF: 810 W)
    • 12-Zoll-Subwoofer für Bassbereich (größter seiner Klasse)
    • Schmaler 10 x 1,5-Zoll-Line-Array-Lautsprecher für hohe Frequenzen
    • Digitaler Mixer (3 Mono-Mic/Line-Eingänge + 1 Stereo-Line-Eingang)
    • Multiband-Kompressor „Mode“ für Master-Ausgang
    • 1-knob EQ pro Kanal
    • Hochauflösende SPX Digital-Reverbs (4 Typen, Parameter einstellbar)
    • 2 Hi-Z-Eingänge mit hoher Impedanz
    • Link-Out und Monitor-Out
    • Spezielle Schutzhülle wird mitgeliefert
    • Optionaler Fußschalter für Reverb
    • Optionaler Dolly für komfortableren Transport
    • Produktregistrierung
  • STAGEPAS 1K mkII Portable PA System

    1100W, 125 dB SPL peak@1m, portable PA system with 5 channel digital mixer, 12-inch subwoofer, 1.5-inch x10 line array speaker, a Bluetooth input, SPX digital reverbs, Priority Ducker and 1knob EQ and multi band comp for master output.

    • 1100W power output
    • Biggest in the class 12-inch subwoofer for low frequency
    • 1.5-inch x10 slim line array speaker for high frequency
    • Digital mixer (3 mono mic/line + 1 stereo line)
    • Multi band comp “MODE” for master output
    • 1-knob EQ per channel
    • High resolution SPX digital reverb (4 types, parameter control)
    • Priority Ducker for stereo channel
    • 4 band PEQ per channel via remote control APP “STAEGPAS Controller”
    • 2x Hi-Z (high impedance) inputs
    • Link out and monitor out
    • Dedicated cover included
    • Optional reverb foot switch (FC5)
    • Optional dolly (DL-SP1K) for more portability
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